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Exploring Medellin, A Full Week Itinerary

Ready to travel Medellin? 

This guide is your ticket to a thrilling seven-day adventure in Colombia’s lively city of Medellin. 

From the buzzing downtown life to serene natural spots, we’ve planned everything to show you the heart and soul of this amazing place. 

You’ll learn about Medellin’s rich history, dive into its vibrant culture, and see sights that’ll take your breath away. 

Let’s start this unforgettable trip together!

Day 1 - Monday: Downtown Discoveries

Commence the week with a captivating downtown tour of Medellin. 

This two-hour exploration unveils the city’s dynamic history over the past century.

Visitors gain profound insights into local struggles, emphasizing the reasons behind the community’s aversion to glorifying Pablo Escobar. 

After the tour, dive into the bustling markets for an authentic Colombian shopping experience.

Day 2 - Tuesday: Communa 13 and Beyond

Tuesday introduces a comprehensive tour of Communa 13, once labeled as the world’s most difficult place. 

Guided by passionate locals, such as the renowned Esan, this three-hour journey shares the area’s fascinating stories. 

Following the tour, explore the hidden gem of Laureles, offering a more authentic Colombian lifestyle away from typical tourist spots.

Day 3 - Wednesday: Envigado's Charm

Immerse in the traditional and nostalgic ambiance of Envigado. Explore Kaj de Laa, a haven of cafes and restaurants. 

Wander through charming streets, absorbing the local lifestyle. Engage in activities with cultural significance, such as salsa dancing classes. 

Choose between tourist-friendly options in Poblado or a more local experience in Berin. 

Conclude the day with a delectable traditional Colombian meal.

Day 4 - Thursday: Guatape Getaway

Escape to the iconic Guatape, renowned for its massive rock formations and tranquil lakes. 

Spend a day exploring the town, uncovering its traditional Colombian charm amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Day 5 - Friday: Coffee Connoisseur's Day

Embark on a journey into the heart of Colombian coffee with a guided coffee tour during your travel Medellin experience. 

Discover the intricate process, from the coffee fruit on the tree to the cup. 

Don traditional coffee-picking gear and savor a cup of Colombia’s finest. 

The evening calls for a visit to Provenza, one of the most excellent streets globally, offering many bars and restaurants as you continue to explore Medellin.

Day 6 - Saturday: Peaks and Rooftops

For adventure enthusiasts, conquer the challenging T Cruses hike. 

Commence early to avoid the midday heat and revel in breathtaking views. 

As evening falls, unwind at a rooftop bar, experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Medellin at places like Messiah Hostel or Envy Rooftop at the Charlie Hotel.

Day 7 - Sunday: Cable Cars and Farewell

Conclude the week with a spectacular view from the cable cars at Parque Arvi

Marvel at the cityscape and surrounding mountains, offering a fitting farewell to this captivating city.

Extra tips

Consider attending a local soccer match or exploring Parques Del Rio during December when the city comes alive with festive decorations. 

Alternatively, venture to Pito Pesa for panoramic views and a glimpse of a traditional Colombian town.

With its rich history, culture, and adventure, Medellin promises an extraordinary travel experience. 

This comprehensive guide is a roadmap for travelers eager to uncover the city’s treasures during their travel Medellin adventure. Safe travels!

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