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Your new life, is just a few steps away...

Not everyone has the freedom to work from anywhere, but you do.

And accessing a lifestyle where you can work less, in a place where your dollars go further, has been on your mind for as long as you can remember.

This would finally allow you to do all the things you’ve been putting off, because you just don’t have the time.

You’d finally be able to live the type of life you’ve always wanted.
And Medellin will make this possible.

So you’ve decided to make the move, but what next?

Your research begins with surface questions:
➤ is Airbnb the best option for rentals?
➤ do I need to pay taxes if I work remotely?
➤ once my tourist visa ends, how can I stay long term?

But the deeper you go, the more you discover that you’ve only uncovered the tip of the iceberg.

Because, to get by in a country where you don’t speak the language, to make sure you’re not scammed out of your hard earned dollars, to avoid accidentally breaking the rules and having to pay huge fines you never even knew about – you’ll have to navigate new terrain and systems from zero. 

It’s a process that takes a huge investment of time and effort.
And for you, your time and peace-of-mind are your critical values.

But you still want to make the move to Medellin, which is why you’re here…


"(This course) solved problems I didn't even realize I could have... I don't think I would've even thought to ask those questions."

— Steve Bradley. Mortgage Broker, Virginia, USA

"(Thanks to this course) I pretty much knew ahead of time what to do when I got there... so my head wasn't spinning trying to figure it out."

— Sergio Morales. Credit Relief Entrepreur, Massachusetts, USA

Is "Medellin Masterclass" For You...?

I'm serious about building a life in Medellin;

but want all the unknowns removed as fast as possible, so I can make a stress-free transition

I'm ready to take my life to the next level;

but need assistance from experts on buying real estate, starting a business, hiring talented locals etc.

I value community & networking;

but I'm not sure how to create a high-level support network in a foreign country (you'll get this through our "Inner Circle")

Which Level of Masterclass Suits You Best?





"At first I thought (the course) was pretty expensive... but for the amount of money and time I saved as a result of this investment (not to mention the potential headaches avoided) it was more than worth it!"

—Eric Sorensen. Sales Consultant, Miami FL, USA


We're so confident you'll LOVE our course (l mean just look at our testimonials) that we're offering a 100% money back guarantee*.
If you decide our course isn't for you, just send an email to andrew@medellinmasterclass.com within 15 days stating why you didn't enjoy the course and we'll refund you.

*Unfortunately, there's dishonest people out there. So this guarantee has 3 simple conditions. See the bottom of this page for more info.


move to Medellin


5 years ago when living in Melbourne, Australia, AK had all the ingredients of what people think brings someone happiness and success. But to him, the emptiness he felt was a sign that he had to make a change. He quit his 6-figure job, sold everything and took off to Europe and the States before spending time in Mexico. And it was on the pristine beaches of the wild Pacific coast where he finally discovered a lifestyle that truly made him happy.

Doubling down on an entrepreneurial lifestyle that allowed him to work from anywhere in the world, he moved to Medellin in 2021 and started his videography business and YouTube channel. It was in Medellin where he truly discovered the “cheat code to life” and that’s what he wants to share with others in this Masterclass.

move to Medellin


Leaving Southern California for Medellin in 2010, what Andrew left behind in the States always strikes him as bizarre. He was working a 9 to 5, sitting in traffic for 2 hours every day and living for the weekends. And having a dwindling social circle, it felt like they'd have to run a little orchestration just to meet.

But when he moved to Colombia, everything changed. Seeing the power of what it meant to make dollars but spend in pesos, he decided to work harder and save to buy properties, which he now runs as Airbnbs. Living in Medellin for the past 15 years, it’s exactly this life that he’s passionate about teaching others to strive for.

Why spend countless hours doing it all yourself

when there's a shortcut right in front of you?

move to Medellin

"I was wasting a lot of time on Airbnb... and I now (after taking the course) I have a different perspective on what I should be paying in Medellin. It can be a difference of paying an extra 20-30k in rent a year, which is nuts"

—John Casto. Marketing Entrepreneur, Washington DC, USA

"l literally came from zero. (So this course) solved an enormous amount of problems for me... Just the tax section alone will save you a fortune from mistakes that you would make over the course of a few years"

— Stef Solferini. CEO Coach, Sydney, Australia

move to Medellin



Module l: How to Get The Most Out of This Course

Module 2: Crucial Things to Plan BEFORE You Move to Medellin

Module 3: How to Ensure Colombian Immigration Doesn't Send You Back (Entry Requirements)


Module 4.1: Luxury Living (El Poblado Full Tour + Pros & Cons)

Module 4.2: The REAL Medellin (Laureles & Belen Full Tour + Pros & Cons)

Module 4.3: Nature Meets Local Culture (Envigado & Sabaneta Full Tour + Pros & Cons)

Module 4.4: Tips to Decide the Best Area for You


Module 5.1: Why Airbnb is a Horrible Idea (Plus 2 MUCH Better Options)

Module 5.2: How to Save $1000s on Rentals

Module 5.3: 4 Hacks to Save 20% While Negotiating Prices with Locals

Module 5.4: Don't Be Stupid! How to Avoid This Common Rental Scam

Module 5.5: You'll Lose Your Security Deposit, Unless You Do This


Module 6: Do You Really Need a Local Bank Account & How to Open One

Module 7: How to Save 7% on Cash Withdrawals

Module 8: The Simple 2 Step Process to Getting a Local SIM Card


Module 9.0: Immigration Lawyer Explains: How to Get Your Visa Right the First Time

Module 9.1: Digital Nomad Visa

Module 9.2: Student Visa

Module 9.3: Retirement Visa

Module 9.4: Real Estate Investor-Visa (The 5 Year Rule Explained)

Module 9.5: Business Visa

Module 9.6: Marriage & Domestic Partnership Visa

Module 9.7: The Crucial Visa Step Nobody Tells You About


Module 10.2: Insurance Agent Recommends the BEST Health Insurance


Module 11: How to Make Quality Connections When You Don't Know Anyone

Module l2: MUST DO Activities in Medellin

Module 13: MUST VISIT Towns in Antioquia

Module 14: Which Colombian Cities to See and Which to Avoid

Module 15: Live Better with Our Personal List of Local Contacts

Module 16: How to Go From 0 to Conversational Spanish in 6 Months


Module 17: How to Invest in Highly Profitable Local Real Estate

Module 18: A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a Business in Colombia

Module 19: How to Find Quality Local Professionals to Grow Your Business

Module 20: A Tax Lawyer's Tips to Keep YOUR Money in YOUR Pocket


Module 21: Your Graduation Present & Acceptance into Our Masterclass Community

Will the investment be worth it?
Here's what our Masterclass graduates students said...

"I've really loved the ongoing support that I've received. That's extremely useful for somebody like me who came here with no social network whatsoever. "

— Stef Solferini. CEO Coach, Sydney, Australia

"Getting live, real honest feedback, from people who have lived (in Medellin) long term, has been invaluable."

— John Casto. Marketing Entrepreneur, Washington DC, USA

Common Questions

That infrequently get asked

Will the content be actionable?

The inception of Masterclass began from AK and Andrew knowing that their combined 15 years of expat living in Medellin, would serve as the most practical guide for others to move there too. But to create an all encompassing Masterclass, we knew that we had to go beyond just our own experiences.

We ran an initial I:1 version of the course with clients, so we could identify all their questions and issues and then cover them comprehensively across all the modules.

In short, yes it’s completely actionable.

Are there other courses like yours out there?

For the scale, quality, and rigor of the Medellin Masterclass: there’s nothing out there that compares. The closest course to us regarding the subject (moving to Medellin) is this one here. But its main audience is younger and we’ve been told that it doesn’t cover 80% of the content we do. For mature professionals, entrepreneurs, or early retirees looking to move to Medellin, this is the most best-fit option.

How long will it take me to get through the Masterclass?

Around 6 hours.

Do you offer payment plans?

No-and purposefully so. Beyond being aware of the exceptional value that both the Masterclass and Masterclass Elite offer, we’ve found that quality professionals know that
quality deliverables and results are never free and are certainly not cheap. It’s that caliber of people we want to attract and build a community around within our Masterclass.

Why aren't your course buyers automatically accepted into the Inner Circle?

The Medellin Masterclass community is a group of high quality professionals and entrepreneurs, invested in living a good life and leveling up. And it’s our duty to safeguard that.

We’re too familiar with the bulk of the type of people that get attracted to Medellin (and we’re sure you are too).And just because anyone can purchase our course online, doesn’t mean they are automatically part of our Inner Circle.

That final decision will be determined after a graduation exit call when you’ve completed the Masterclass.

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