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The Real Reasons YouTubers Leave Medellin

Hey there, viewers! 

Today, we’re delving into an exciting trend—YouTubers arriving in Medellin, creating content, and then unexpectedly saying their goodbyes. 

Our special guest, a seasoned content creator, will shed light on the motivations behind this pattern. 

Living in Medellin for two years, our host contemplated the same move. Stick around as we unravel the experiences, challenges, and decisions that shaped the narrative of content creators in this vibrant city. 

Join us for a compelling discussion that explores the journey, confronts the challenges, and delves into why YouTubers leave Medellin.

1. The Travel Money Guy

With around 2500 subscribers, the Travel Money Guy gained popularity for videos like ‘Dating in Medellin’ (11,000 views) and ‘Where to Stay in Medellin’ (10,000 views). 

Known as the go-to guy for living advice in Colombia and Mexico, he started the channel after realizing his passion for helping people explore new places.

His connection with Medellin started almost a decade ago during a two-week vacation.

 Over the years, his love for the city deepened, but recently, he has felt a shift in his feelings. 

While the early years were filled with excitement, various reasons have made him reconsider his relationship with Medellin in recent times.

2. What it was like in 2014

In 2014, the Travel Money Guy, then a 25-year-old tourist, embarked on his Medellin adventure. 

Picture a Medellin with just a few hostels – Tiger and Happy Buddha. 

Provenza, now bustling, was a quiet area with several cafes.

Encountering fellow foreigners was a rare occurrence. The party scene? A mix of young Colombians, reggaeton beats, and the Travel Money Guy was fearlessly asking anyone to dance.

There are no scams or crowded nightlife with working women – just the authentic essence of Colombia’s nightlife. 

It was a time of genuine connections and innocent adventures that showcased the irresistible charm of Colombia.

an image of a dark and lonely park bench in Medellin can be a scenario for why foreigners aren't safe in medellin.

3. What changed in Medellin

In the present day, the Travel Money Guy observes two significant shifts in Medellin.

Firstly, once a charming spot, Parque Lleras has seen a rise in working women and a clientele seeking such services. 

This change is closely linked to the booming YouTube culture in Medellin, where an influx of videos promises a life of luxury, especially in terms of nightlife and encounters.

This trend gained momentum in recent years, partly fueled by the surge in remote work due to COVID-19. 

Medellin has transformed, reflecting changes in its physical landscape and online portrayal.

As the city evolves, it’s essential to acknowledge how these dynamics contribute to the reasons why YouTubers leave Medellin, seeking authenticity and new narratives elsewhere.

4. Colombians don't like Gringos

When talking about Colombians’ views on Gringos, the Travel Money Guy is straightforward. 

He tends to agree that if he were a local in Medellin, he might not be thrilled about the changes happening in the city and the image of Colombia, especially concerning women.

He refers to an article titled “Are We Sending Our Best to Medellin?” by someone named Metagame or Method. 

The gist? 

The best men from the USA should show up in Medellin.

In his encounters with Airbnb owners or locals, he often explains that he loves Medellin for what it truly is. 

It’s a glimpse into the evolving dynamics and perceptions in the city.

5. Dealing with Stereotypes

Regarding stereotypes, the Travel Money Guy opens up about a bit of a hassle. Imagine folks thinking about you before you’ve even said a word! 

He’s used to blending in from Texas, but in Colombia, he often feels the need to explain or senses people might judge him based on stereotypes.

While he hopes things change, he’s honest about it being a lasting issue. 

Shifting gears, he jumps into why he loves making videos in Medellin – simply because he adores the city. 

It’s his way of showing off the natural charm of Medellin, even with the stereotype hiccups.

Yet, the ongoing struggle with stereotypes highlights a significant factor in why YouTubers leave Medellin, in search of places where their stories can unfold more freely and authentically.

6. Why He Left Medellin

Despite passionately promoting the Medellin experience, the Travel Money Guy eventually left. 

He poured effort into videos showcasing gems and daily life, but it became disheartening. Trashy content gained more views, overshadowing his heartfelt creations. 

After a year of unpaid full-time YouTube dedication, the struggle of meaningful content being overlooked led to his departure from Medellin.

7. Thumbnail Choices

In the YouTube game, the Travel Money Guy grapples with a common dilemma—using alluring thumbnails with girls to boost views. 

While recognizing its potential for success, he’s hesitant. 

He believes in the psychological game of YouTube, attracting viewers who resonate with the content’s authenticity.

Choosing not to use clickbait thumbnails, he focuses on genuine representation. 

His girlfriend appears as she’s integral to his life, avoiding tactics that misalign with the content’s values. 

It’s a conscious decision to foster a community based on authentic connections rather than fleeting clicks.

8. Law of Attraction

Our hosts, The Travel Money Guy, and his guest dive into the Law of Attraction. They discuss how the content you create shapes the audience you attract. 

While specific tactics, like using provocative thumbnails, might grab attention, they question if it’s worth it when it doesn’t resonate with the desired viewers.

This contemplation leads to a broader discussion on the recent trend of YouTubers leaving Medellin and how it reflects on the authenticity of content creation.

9. Toxic Expacts

In discussing the toxicity within expat communities, the Travel Money Guy sheds light on the challenges faced, especially in Medellin. 

He warns against joining expat Facebook groups, citing their detrimental impact on mental health.

The toxic dynamic in these groups, particularly in Medellin, is attributed to a cycle where individuals, often men from the U.S., seek affirmation or an easier life. 

There’s a misconception that moving to Medellin will solve personal issues, attracting a demographic that may not contribute positively.

In conclusion, the reasons YouTubers leave Medellin reveal how the city’s changes significantly impact creators. 

The journey from embracing Medellin’s authentic charm to confronting the challenges of maintaining genuine content amidst a changing landscape reveals a complex narrative.

 For creators like the Travel Money Guy, the decision to leave reflects a broader desire for authenticity and a community that aligns with their values. 

This shift signals a crucial moment for both Medellin and the YouTuber community, prompting a reevaluation of what truly matters in content creation.

 Ultimately, YouTubers leaving Medellin sparks vital discussions on authenticity, values, and the future of global content creation.

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