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Living In Colombia – Escape The Rat Race!

Some people prefer living in Colombia over the USA due to cultural differences, work-life balance, cost of living, social connections, and personal fulfillment. 

It explores how Colombia offers a more relaxed and social lifestyle, allowing individuals to escape the rat race culture prevalent in the USA. 

With a focus on family, experiences, and work-life balance, Colombia becomes an appealing alternative. 

This is for those seeking a different pace of life and more incredible personal growth and fulfillment.

In comparing living in Colombia to the USA, there are several reasons why one might prefer Colombia:

1. Living for the weekend

The reason for preferring living in Colombia over the U.S. is the different ways people live in these two countries. 

Firstly, in the U.S., many folks work hard all week just to pay their bills and wait eagerly for the weekend to relax. 

Consequently, this leaves them with little time for themselves or their social life. It can be monotonous, and they may feel like they need more time.

However, in Colombia, things are different. People tend to have a more relaxed lifestyle and a better balance between work and personal life. 

They focus less on making lots of money or working long hours, which gives them more time to explore their interests and follow their passions. 

Therefore, this alternative way of living can appeal to those who want to break free from the usual routine and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

2. Work less, Live more

One of the reasons why people prefer Colombia over the U.S. is because life is more affordable there. 

Firstly, the money you earn in Colombia goes a long way, allowing you to cover your expenses without working as much. 

In contrast, in the U.S.,  working hard to make more money, limits relaxation and socializing.

Colombia’s culture is more laid-back, and people value spending time with family and friends. 

They have more holidays and time off from work to enjoy life and socialize more. 

When foreigners come to Colombia, they find it refreshing to be in a culture where family and social connections are essential.

In Colombia, you can work fewer hours, have more free time, and enjoy a more fulfilling social life.

Ultimately, it’s a place to balance work and leisure better, making life more enjoyable and less focused solely on work and money.

3. Keeping up with the Joneses

Another reason why people prefer living in Colombia because the culture here is less focused on material possessions. 

In the U.S., there’s a lot of pressure to keep up with others and buy the latest things, even if it means going into debt.

In Colombia, people value simpler things like family and experiences over constantly buying stuff. 

They don’t need to compare themselves to others or show off their belongings always. 

It’s a more down-to-earth way of living, and there’s less social pressure to buy unnecessary things.

This change can be refreshing for those coming from the U.S. to Colombia. 

It allows them to step away from the constant desire to buy and own more and find contentment in a more straightforward way of life.

4. Exciting Life

One significant aspect of living in Colombia is the vibrant social life.

Firstly, people are more open and friendly, making it easier to make friends and have exciting experiences.

Additionally, Colombians are known for their social nature, allowing you to easily make new friends almost daily.

In contrast, in the U.S.,  societal pressures often push people into set life paths as they age.

However, in Colombia, people over the age of 40 lead active, fulfilling lives without the same pressures.

Moreover, the lower cost of living and the favorable exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Colombia further enhance the quality of life.

Furthermore, digital nomads and entrepreneurs here form tight-knit communities, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Living in Colombia enables individuals to break free from traditional expectations and explore new possibilities.

Subsequently, it opens doors to exciting connections, enriching experiences, and the potential for lifelong friendships.

Thus, this makes it a preferred choice for many, contrasting with the more predictable and constrained lifestyle in the U.S.

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