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We've put together a comprehensive guide which explains:
• the pros and cons of each neighborhood
• the process of renting through local agencies
• red flags to look out for when renting in Medellin
• contact details for 20+ vetted local agencies and rental agents.
• rent with just your passport (no local ID)

We save you hours upon hours of painstaking research and help you save thousands in rental fees.
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Skyrocket Your Spanish in Medellin

Life in Medellin just isn't the same if you can't speak Spanish. You'll miss out on a lot of great opportunities and never really unlock the full potential of the city.

We've compiled the best of the following resources available in Medellin, to help you on your learning process:
• Spanish Schools
• Private Tutors
• Language Exchanges

Live Your Best Life Right Away

We're giving you all our favorite local contacts
in one place, including:
• Tours & Guides
• Gyms & Personal Trainers
• Coworking Locations
• Dance Academies & Private Tutors
• Private Chefs & Meal Prep Services
• Maids
• Doctors & Dentists
• Physiotherapists
• Masseuses
• Lawyers
• Accountants
• Plus More

Go All In On Medellin

Get all our value packed guides at one
special bundle price and learn how to:
• Rent Like a Local
• Speak Like a Local
• Live Like a Local
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