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Now, Want to Avoid Paying $1000s Extra
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Well then, watch the video below because we'll explain how to rent outside of Airbnb
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If It's That Simple...
Why Doesn't Everyone Do it?

The local method does have it’s drawbacks though…

The main one being scams.

Rental scams are one of the most common scams in all of Medellin – as criminals try to take advantage of unaware locals.

Every week new visitors to the city lose $1,000s of dollars sending deposits to “real estate agents” and never hear from them again.

The next issue is that due to the negative attention that short term renters that come to party have brought to Medellin, locals are often flat out unwilling to rent to foreigners.

So even if you find the apartment of your dreams for an incredible price, the fact that you aren’t Colombian could be enough for the landlord to turn you away.

These are just 2 of the main issues facing foreigners when it comes to renting in Medellin, but there’s plenty more.

In fact it’s one of the most common questions we get asked on our YouTube channels…

“Airbnb is killing me! How do I find an apartment that isn’t a ripoff?”

That’s why we’ve spent over 100 hours developing a comprehensive guide to solve this problem.

How Do I Use This Guide?

  1. Purchase “Rent Like a Local” below
  2. View properties from our vetted local agents 
  3. Contact agents to set up viewings
  4. Finalize terms and sign contract
  5. Move into your dream apartment

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Medellin Rental GUIDE

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  • Step-by-step process for renting through local agencies
  • Contact details for vetted local agencies & agents
  • Local websites with 1,000s of properties priced at affordable rates
  • Red flags to look out for when renting in Medellin
  • Agencies which don't require a local ID
  • Agencies which don't require a security deposit
  • Agencies which don't require a Colombian cosigner
  • Minimum rental period starting at 1 month
  • PROS and CONS of each neighborhood