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Colombia’s Best-Kept Secrets: 5 Things You Didn’t Expect

Hello everyone! Welcome back. Today, we’re delving into five Colombia’s best-kept secrets that make living here a unique experience. 

Forget about those dull lists with meaningless trivia because what we share today directly impacts your quality of life in this beautiful country

From safety to the lack of distinct seasons and the distinctive Love and Friendship Day celebration, we’re bringing facts that truly matter.

5. Obesity in Colombia

A surprising revelation among Colombia’s best-kept secrets is its low obesity rate compared to the United States. 

The cultural differences in food choices and accessibility are pivotal. 

Unlike the U.S., with its prevalent fast food, Colombia prioritizes home-cooked meals with rice, beans, and protein.

The cultural importance of physical fitness is evident in the widespread commitment to activities like cycling, running, and gym workouts. 

Combining healthier eating habits and a culture that values exercise contributes to a lower obesity rate in Colombia.

4. Tap Water

Access to safe tap water is a notable and often overlooked aspect of livability. 

In Colombia, specifically in cities like Medellin and Bogota, the convenience of drinking tap water directly stands out. 

This contrasts with other countries, even in major cities like Mexico City, where tap water may not be potable. 

The availability of clean and safe tap water contributes to the overall ease of daily life in Colombia.

3. Love and Friendship Day

Colombians don’t do Valentine’s Day. 

Instead, they have an excellent National Day of Love and Friendship. 

It’s not just for couples – you can celebrate it with anyone you care about, like friends and family. 

It’s a big deal because it shows how much they value all kinds of relationships.

2.No seasons

One of Colombia’s best-kept secrets is its unique climatic feature – it has no distinct seasons. 

Unlike many countries with tropical climates experiencing drastic weather changes, Colombia maintains a consistent environment throughout the year. 

The country’s location near the equator ensures a steady temperature, allowing residents to choose a city that aligns with their preferred weather. 

Whether one seeks a cooler climate in the capital, Bogota, or a warmer atmosphere in coastal towns like Cartagena, Colombia offers diverse options without extreme weather challenges.

1. Safety

Colombia is way safer than people think. Despite what you might see on TV or in movies, it’s safer than in some big U.S. cities. 

They even have a saying: “The only danger in Colombia is the danger of not wanting to leave.”

In conclusion, Colombia’s best-kept secrets truly make it a one-of-a-kind place to live or visit. 

From enjoying the benefits of healthy eating and active living to having access to safe drinking water, these aspects contribute significantly to a high quality of life. 

The celebration of Love and Friendship Day and the advantage of no drastic seasonal changes add to the country’s charm. 

Plus, the improved safety makes it a welcoming destination for everyone. 

These secrets reveal a Colombia that’s much more than what meets the eye, inviting you to explore and maybe even stay a little longer than planned.

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