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Why Health Care in Colombia is Unmatched (Insurance Agent Explains)

The Legends, our amazing audience, flooded us with health insurance questions—it’s quite the puzzle! 

So, here’s the scoop: Whether you’re eyeing a Digital Nomad Visa or any Colombian visa, having active health insurance is non-negotiable. 

Now, why the headphones, you wonder? 

Well, our host isn’t an insurance whiz (been there, right?), so she’s teamed up with a pro—a 15-year veteran guiding clients through the health insurance jungle. 

Stay tuned for all details on expat health insurance in vibrant Colombia.

Health Insurance Expert:

This expert, once an expat in the United States, brings over fifteen years of knowledge. 

She educates expats and foreigners on health care in Colombia.

Overview of the System:

The expert notes that health insurance is mandatory for all visas in Colombia, from visits to long-term stays

To highlight the cost difference, she shares a unique client’s story—a woman nearing 60. 

In the U.S., she paid $1,300 monthly for her policy, plus a $2,500 deductible.

In comparison, the client pays only $330 per month under the expert’s plan.

Types of Visas and Insurance Requirements:

The expert breaks down insurance requirements for different visa types, especially on the Digital Nomad Visa. 

She explains that having comprehensive private insurance through Surá, the leading provider in Colombia, is mandatory to obtain this visa. 

She offers coverage options with Evolution, Classic, and Global levels.

EPS and Migration:

The analysis delves into migrant visas and the Health Promoting Entity (EPS). 

The expert highlights the mandatory nature of EPS for all Colombians based on income. 

She explains how, for those not generating income in Colombia, the cost is approximately $30 per month for the entire family.

Prepaid Medicine and Financial Considerations:

The dialogue moves to prepaid medicine and how it can be acquired alongside private insurance. 

The expert highlights advantages such as immediate attention and full coverage without deductibles. 

She also shares perspectives from some clients who, even without residing in Colombia, choose to get prepaid medicine for preventive procedures and cost savings.

Quality of the Health Care System in Colombia:

The expert shares personal and acquaintances’ experiences regarding the quality of the health care in Colombia. 

She contrasts cases of expensive surgeries in the U.S. with medical interventions in Colombia at a fraction of the cost. 

The warmth and professionalism of Colombian medical staff are emphasized.

Cost Comparison:

The analysis concludes with a surprising comparison between health insurance in the United States and Colombia

The expert presents specific figures, underscoring the affordability and quality of the Colombian healthcare system.

In this informative journey, the expert provides a comprehensive insight into health insurance in Colombia, highlighting both the practical requirements for obtaining visas and the quality and affordability of the health care in Colombia. 

Her expertise and knowledge are valuable sources for those looking to understand and navigate the intricate world of health insurance in the Colombian context.

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